IN MA HOMETOWWWWNNNN!!!!!! hatfield.

They say home is wear the heart is. Well all i have to say to that is who is this so called 'they'. 'THEY' clearly haven't been or seen Hatfield. I grew up in Hatfield for secondary school and college. It was an experience. lol. i kid i kid. It was alright memories were made and stuff blah blah blah. 

I do believe that my heart is in London, and when people ask me where I live I say.... wait for it... London. But I had to go back for a weekend to just chill with all my work stress right now. God if you just knew my schedual recently you'd run for a mini holiday aswell even if it is just, as they famously call it 'SHAT-FIELD'.

so this was my 3 day photo journey in my hometown Shatfield :)

there is going to be A LOT of pictures.


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