MY BROTHER CAME TO SEE ME. whhaa whaaattt


I have an older brother named, yes you guessed it JASONNNNN!!!!!

He was so cute today, i texted him after not talking for a few weeks (you know how it is guys) then just liked that he was all like "I'll come down to see you in London in around 2 hours" i was like whaaaaa whattttt. Is the world coming to an end or something. But oh em ge. it was so cute. My brother never shows emotion and i swear i always thought he hated me. but he was so adorable and he gave me a lil girl aswell but moms the word ;)

He drove into see me in London in his new BMW haha. My bro bro is so extravagant. His first car was a Mercedes. who does that? :| yh my brother does. lol. what a weirdo. He just drove up and was like oh yeah this is my new car didn't i tell you ahaa. trust him to keep my life interesting.

Me and bro love watching a bit of Kardashians to pass the time :P

It was the best evening everrrrrrrr. love you broooooooooooooooooooo! 


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