My Crib

My Perfume Collection
My perfume collection is still a work in progress.
I have only started to see the nostalgic element within perfumes last year.
And I'm in love yall.

Victoria Secret "Pure Seduction"
- this is my everyday wear body mist. I foolishly believe it is my essence, its cool, sexy and fun ;)

-before I got into perfumes i alwaysssss used this perfume for about 1 year constantly. This is my 3rd bottle now and i swear the liquid just disappears. I think I've used this new one about 6 times, and its nearly finished. But i love it, its a strong fun and sensual sweet smell.

Lancom "Tresure Summer Fruits"
-Adore this perfume. Me and my friend were obsessed with this perfume, and I finished mine within like 3 months. It was soooo fruity and sweet and such a spring/summer scent I LOVE IT! I used up all mine during the winter, there is no expiration date in smelling sweet :)

Marc Jacobs
-This perfume is when I want to act a bit more grown up. In the sense that I'll use this if I have a formal outfit. 

-This was a present from moi mother. Its sooooo strong that I never use it. But i like looking at it haha

Lancome "Hypnose"
-This perfume is very special to me. I took it from my mum without her knowing shhhh before I moved out to London for university and to face the big bad world. I took it so I could remember her. And in ways I do get emotional sometimes when I smell it because of personal matters. And so this perfume is very close to my heart and I use this on special occasions.

My Book Collection
Here it doesnt look like a lot but there is! i swear!
Its not much of a collection but at least I am trying.
Catcher in the Rye is a top favorite
As is Pride and Prejudice. Im such a loser I read that when I am bored sometimes haha.

Say hi to Dumbo! My trusty elephant guarding my books.

My Everyday Jewerelly
I love my gold jewerelly, and anyone that knows me will tell you that I LOVEEE my chains.
I have wayyyy more but they are all scatered around my flat haha.

One of my most priced posessions.
Here is a picture frame of my father and brother and me on my 7th birthday.
This was the last time I saw my dad.
And i feel like such a douche because i spilt coffee on it or something and its ruined the picture.
So if my flat was burning and I could only get one thing, it would be this because its my only picture of my dad that I posses.

I have this thing where when I go to different countries I will get one vogue and one elle from there and save it forever.
So a souvenir thingy. other collect postcards, key chains, I collect Vogue and Elle magazines in different countries.

A little wall deco.

I went to the Chanel "Little Black Jacket" exhibition in the Satchi Gallery London.
It was so cool.
They gave 3 free posters, my other 2 fell but I dont care this is my favorite one anyway.
Isn't she sexy.

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