Wondered around Oxford Street alone, and its cool for me. YOSTEPHANIE! loves shopping alone, yes I like a second opinion. But I like not being rushed and getting to look around.

Its so weird because I have been asking quite a few people last month if they know any stores apart from Zara and Cos that has structured and tailered apparel. And no one knew of any, and then & Other Stories opened up a couple of weeks ago.

I spent a good 1 and a half hours in that store and if you have been their you know its not even that big haha. I love the concept of the store, it has an industrial yet elegant vibe. There is no such thing as fixtures on to the store, ALL their garments were hung on silver clothing rails with wooden hangers having a few wooden table scattered around laying out leather goods.

The store was fillered with leathers, blacks, whites and chic bright colors. I was instantly drawn to the blacks and leathers asking basically EVERYONE in store to show me all their leather pieces. aha By the end of it I made friends with a couple of the people working there, with them even telling me to ask for them next time, as well as hanging out with them. (I felt special LOL) 

The changing rooms were amazing, each changing room had its own soft fluffy carpet that made you just want to sit on the floor and forget about trying out clothes.

Needless to say it's my new fav place, goodbye Zara hello & Other Stories (weird name though). Too bad they don't have as much stock as I would hope for but hey, they haven't even been open for 2 months.

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